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Not only are there (extreme) right-wing organizations and attitudes, structural and everyday racism in mainstream society, there are also (extreme) right-wing attitudes and movements in (post-) migrant communities in Germany. The best-known example are the so-called “Grey Wolves”, a Turkish nationalist group. Other (extreme) right-wing movements do exist within, for example, Russian-speaking, Serbian or Croatian communities. In many cases, the respective ideology is also enriched with fundamentalist, nationalist ideological interpretations especially of Christianity or Islam. There is also frequently common grounds with (extreme) right-wing movements in mainstream society

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Distancing and exit support for people with (extreme) right-wing attitudes and a migration background


Counselling sessions with professionals, committed people and relatives and caregivers of (extreme) right-wing people with a migration background


Exchange with (educational) professionals and academics


Information and education formats for professionals (especially awareness-raising and information on racism and (extreme) right-wing attitudes as well as movements within migrant communities


Public events with experts


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