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Personal Counselling

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Interested in counselling?

Our counselling and support is voluntary, free of charge and absolutely confidential. Anyone who has doubts or questions about their (extreme) right-wing attitude or thoughts can contact us. This also includes (extreme) right-wing conspiracy beliefs

New: Anonymous online counselling

The online counselling can be accessed via a specially secured server. After anonymous  registration with a user name and password of your choice, you can log in and write to us or book a chat appointment. Enquiries are answered by the counselling team within three working days.

Encrypted online counselling works according to a so-called mailbox system, which is not comparable to regular email communication. We work with a counselling tool from Aygonet. It encrypts your personal data in a way that is not visible to us as the counselling centre and complies with DSGVO/data protection regulations. To protect your anonymity, we cannot see your email addresses, even if you provide them.

You do not need an e-mail address for counselling. To prevent unauthorised persons from reading your question and the counselling team’s answer, we maintain a secure counselling area. There you can write your question or concern in a similar way to a normal e-mail. However, you can only be notified of incoming answers in purely practical terms, if you have entered an e-mail address. Other than that, you can find out whether there is an answer for you by logging in to the site.

You can only book chat appointments if you have entered an e-mail address. This may also be fictitious, but you will then not receive a reminder of the appointment. In this case, you would have to log in at the booked time and enter the chat. If you would like to chat with us at a different time, please send us an e-mail.